VisionSnap Company Overview

A Web Boutique Focused on Designing Web Sites for Your Online Identity

Why VisionSnap


We are based in the U.S.A & English Speaking, which means you don’t have to worry about language barriers, out of country time zones or sub-par sub-contractors that cause delays & many other issues.


We are meticulous in each and every process. Our singular mission is to deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds our clients' expectations.

23 years of Experience

Two continuous decades of experience keeps us ahead of the technology curve and gives us the ability to design, develop, engineer, deploy, and support any web or client-based system.


Creativity is as important as individuality. We work side-by-side with our clients with the sole purpose of building sites that reflect our clients' visions. We NEVER use standardized templates for our work.

Company History

VisionSnap, Inc. was established over 23 years ago on the basis of developing exceptionally designed, creative web sites for individuals and corporations.

We set out determined to design custom web sites for individuals, small to medium size businesses (SMB), and corporations to stand out from their competitors by aesthetics, functionality, delivering a successful marketing message to their target market, capturing interest, and increasing sales. As well as delivering an exceptional customer service experience.

Every web site VisionSnap develops has a distinctly creative style per the client’s aesthetics. Our creative process is meticulous for each client in order to enable the design to match the business, service, or product being offered.

In order to accomplish this, we have some of the best designers and developers well versed in multiple styles of programming, design and technology around the US to assist. We immerse ourselves in the latest technology solutions, so when programming languages change, we evolve right along with them. Staying on top of all the current technologies allows us to design, develop, engineer, deploy and support any web-based or client-based system, in any language.

Approach & Process

No matter your goal or strategy, building a web site to increase sales, online portfolio, educate, sell products or services, or sharing internal information through an Intranet, our approach remains the same. This approach will allow us to develop a web site that truly addresses your needs. Our approach and process will take you through a step-by-step method that emphasizes your, business, goals, involvement and your feedback.

Discovery, Site Map and Planning

The first step is to explore your business, strategies, goals, and necessary steps and scope to identify the most effective solution. A site map is created, project scopes and target delivery dates will be determined. Subsequent meetings will be set up with clients to assess their requirements. These meetings will provide a good concept what the web site will contain, how it needs to be developed and what the actual costs will be.

Design and Prototype Concepts

At this stage, the design concept will be developed by translating the user requirements into a visual design. At the client's requests, multiple design variations can be produced for evaluation. This process of review and modifications will continue until the design is refined into a approved design by the client. The goal of this step is to produce a design that creates a functionality and ascetically appealing design concept focused toward the target market.


The design, site map, specifications and scope will be used as the blueprint of the new web site. The design is created into graphic components and optimized for the web, then converted into whatever style of coding is necessary for the scope and functionality of the web site. During this phase all pages, databases, scripts or any other necessity is developed for the final product. While developing the web site, client consultation is required to approve certain designs or programming to ensure proper development.

Testing and Deployment

Once approved, the web site will be activated and published on the world wide web. We will work with the client to ensure they are educated with the site and its functionality. At this stage, we will also provide the clients with training if necessary. Upon the completion, the client will be educated about the online marketing opportunities. VisionSnap can provide assistance in search engine submission and optimization, marketing, e-newsletter development management, and etc outside the existing web site development.

Marketing and Growth

During this final stage, we will continue to work with the client to ensure the web site is maintained, trouble-free, efficiently operating on a monthly retainer or hourly rate. Our final product developed if maintained and used to its potential should be a great tool for now and the future. As mentioned in the deployment phase we suggest with any web site an thorough Search Engine Optimization and social media campaign is crucial to capture the desired business within your target market. Contact us today for an estimate!

VisionSnap Commitment

Commitment to QUALITY

VisionSnap prides itself on the quality of its creative designs, functionality, thoroughness, and most importantly, its services. Our Philosophy is to treat all our clients with respect, constructive conceptualization, and a thoroughness that will provide a standard of excellence. Therefore, effective communication, operational and management processes are critical to the Company's success.

Commitment to DEVELOPMENT

VisionSnap constantly commits to expand its development skill sets in order to provide a quality of offerings. With years of knowledge, expertise and diverse skill set within the web environment ensures you will receive an aesthetically appealing, functional, dynamic, colorful, affordable and competitive web site. We believe that creativity is part of individuality!

Commitment to YOU!

"Leave Feeling Satisfied, and Recommend to Anyone." The essence of VisionSnap is to create aesthetically appealing, functional, dynamic, affordable and competitive, marketing tool web site. VisionSnap believes that if the approach and process is done correctly you will feel like you can recommend VisionSnap's Services to anyone. VisionSnap's knowledge, expertise, and customer service will leave you feeling confident in your development.

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